Membership Information

REGISTRATION POLICY                                                                                                               
Registration with the Aquadarts is not transferable from one swimmer to another. Swimmers are initially assigned to a swim group by the coaches. Transitions among swim groups occur on the first of each quarter. Exceptions can be made. Payment of registration fees is a mandatory requirement before any swimmer may enter the water.

Contact the Registrar

Aquadart fees are paid quarterly. Fees for the quarter must be received within 10 days of the start of a quarter. Fee coupons are available online at the Aquadart website in the Forms and Documents Section, or from the registrar. It is the responsibility of each family to complete and return their payments in a timely manner. Fill out one coupon for each family and either mail them to the Davis Aquadarts, Attn: Treasurer, P.O. Box 186, Davis, CA 95617-0186, or deposit them in the Aquadart box at Civic Pool. A late fee of $25.00 will be assessed to payments that are not received or postmarked by the 10th of the month.

Fees are discounted for families with three or more swimmers. The second swimmer pays a reduced amount of $40 compared to the first swimmer and, from the third swimmer on, only half dues are paid, with the third swimmer considered the one paying the lowest dues.

If a swimmer joins the program after the start of the quarter, fees are pro-rated on a semi-monthly basis. Currently registered swimmers returning from inactive status must notify the Registrar and pay all appropriate fees. If a swimmer swims even one day in a calendar month, that month must be paid for. Membership on the team is quarterly, with resources allocated for the team accordingly.

Financial Aid and deviations from the above fee policy are available and must be requested in writing from the President of the Aquadarts. Allowances are at the discretion of the President and are confidential. Scholarships are typically not granted for USS fees.

Swimmers whose dues are not current will not be allowed to swim. Before a swimmer’s participation at workouts is prohibited, a member of the Aquadart Board or staff will notify his or her parents.

United States of America Swimming (USAS) fees are separate from Aquadart fees. This fee is non-refundable and provides for national membership and secondary insurance coverage. NO SWIMMER MAY BE IN THE POOL WITHOUT A CURRENT U.S.S. REGISTRATION. For insurance purposes, this rule is absolute and may not be over-ridden by any Aquadarts administrator.

There are no refunds for fees paid. In the event that a swimmer must be out of the pool for four consecutive weeks or longer due to medical reasons, a credit for time lost can be can be given to future dues. Credits will NOT be allowed for non-medical reasons.

Before making the full commitment to the Aquadarts program, new swimmers are advised to try the SummerDarts program. If, however, you start on the Aquadarts, pay full fees and after a two-week trial, decide to quit, then 2/3rds of your Aquadarts fees will be returned.