Membership Information

Join Wolverine Aquatics Club!

STEP 1:  Come to a New Swimmer Evaluation

To join Wolverine Aquatics, your swimmer must be evaluated!  This is so our coaches can determine the best training group for them based on age and skill level.  Depending on their age, they will be asked to swim either 25 or 50 yards of each stroke.  Swimmers ages 8 and under are not required to know breaststroke or butterfly, but may demonstrate if they want to.  

Please check the "Events Calendar" for the next NEW Swimmer Evaluation date/time.

STEP 2:  Register for our Team

Once your swimmer is evaluated and placed in the proper training group, you must complete the following: (1) Sierra College Community Education/WAC Registration Form, and (2) Sierra College/WAC Release of liability/Health Form.

You must also register with our team website.  The registration process is simple and takes only a few minutes.  At the conclusion of the registration process and upon team admin approval, you will be granted access to your own private account for the team.  Your private account is your one-stop-shop for maintaining your contact information, signing up for jobs, and much more.  Once you are approved, you will also begin to receive our team emails, etc.  Please be sure to include the email addresses that you want to receive our emails.  PLEASE NOTE:  You will not receive our team emails until you are registered and approved!

 Click on the link below and you will be brought directly to the website registration page:

STEP 3:  Become a Member of USA Swimming

All WAC swimmers must become members of USA Swimming. To become a USA Swimming member, you may complete a membership application at the pool or you may register online at:

For more information, please click "Contact Us". We will be in touch shortly!