Membership Information

The team is composed of Huntington Beach resident's children who will be between the ages of 4 to 18 on June 1. The PSCC Executive board has ruled that non-members cannot join the team. High School students do not need to be members of Pacific Sands Cabana Club.

The maximum number of swimmers allowed on the team is 220 .

The team is a not for profit organization, and is operated by parent volunteers. All participating families will be expected to contribute their time as a condition of belonging to the team.  Virtually all of the team’s expenses are fixed, meaning that once the team commits to conducting another season then the expenses are the same regardless of the number of swimmers on the team. 

Registration OPEN March 1, 2018

Registration fees until March 15th:
$185 for the first child, discounts applied for additional swimmers

Registration fees starting March 16th:
$200 for the first child, discounts applied for additional swimmers

The registration cost for all high school swimmers is $35 for the summer. A great deal! The only age requirement is to be a high school freshman this past year. They do not have to be a Cabana Club member.  They will also need to be approved by the Head Coach.

NOTE: Every swimmer must be a member of Pacific Sands Cabana Club with the exception of high school swimmers.  There will be a $5.00 non-refundable charge for each registered swimmer if you register and drop the team before starting practice.  There are no refunds after practice starts May 4th.

All payments are made to the Pacific Sands Cabana Club (PSCC) at the office. Payments are due once you have registered to be approved to the team.  There are NO refunds of registration once the team starts practice on May 8, 2018.

Register Early!  There are a limited number of openings on the team and once the team is full registration will be closed!

The following link is a PDF document of the compiled waivers and agreements in the case you want to read them before registering.  You are required to electronically agree to these when you register.  There is a new refund policy and changes to these agreements this year.

Document of Registration Waivers and Agreements

NOTE: Every family will have volunteer requirements for the team. These requirements will be dependent on the number of swimmers on the team.

We look forward to having you join the Pacific Sands Penguins and are excited for another great season!
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