Membership Information

The Brownsville Aquatics is a non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors.

Promote swimming, encourage swimmers to be successful at their chosen level, develop healthy behaviors and a lifelong love of swimming.

Dues and fund raising activities provide the financial base for Brownsville Aquatics. Fees are as follows:
1. USA swimming membership is $78 per swimmer, due annually (expires December 31st of each year).
2. Monthly dues per swimmer: One swimmer per family: $60 2nd swimmer in same family: $50 Each additional swimmer: $40
 Payment is due before the 10th of each month. After the 9th of each month, a late fee of $5 will be charged.
3. Swim meet entry fees: As determined by the meet host and are due upon signing up for the meet. Entry fees are nonrefundable.

Brownsville Aquatics may require fundraising activities to help offset the cost of operations. It is expected that each family participate.

No fee adjustments are given for swimmer's absences. All dues are payable regardless of number of days the swimmer attends. Written notice is required from members wishing to cancel membership

Account statement will be emailed 1st day of the month to email address provided on registration form. Dues are payable by the 9th of the month. If no payment is made, a statement will be mailed for immediate payment. After the 9th, the late fee will be be assessed. (See 'Monthly Dues' above)

In accordance with USA swimming Rules and Regulations, Article 203: Representation - In order to represent a new USA Swimming team/club in a competitive event, 120 days must have elapsed without the athlete having represented any other team/club in USA Swimming competition; and in accordance with South Texas Swimming Technical Rules, Policies, and Procedures, section V-B: When transferring from one LSC to another, a swimmer must present a written transfer from his previous LSC indicating his last date of competitiion in an attached status and that the swimmer was in good standing in that LSC in order to make such a transfer.

Fall/Winter Spring Practice is Monday through Friday from 6:00 - 7:00 pm and from 6:00 - 7:30 pm for the advanced swimmers. Summer Practice is Monday through Friday from 5:00 - 6:00 pm. Advanced swimmers will practice from 6:00 - 8:00 am, Monday through Friday.

All swimmers are required to attend at least (2) swim meets. Brownsville Aquatics will host two meets during the year; one short course and one long course meet. Other South Texas teams throughout South Texas also host meets. The head coach will notify and distribute all meet information. Payments must be made before any swimmer can register for a meet. No refunds will be given for missed meets/events.

Recommended swimming attire and equipment: 1. Polyester swimsuits (girls) and jammers (boys) for daily practice. (Lycra suits will not hold up with daily use, as the pool chemicals are extremely harsh). 2. Goggles 3. Swim cap Mandatory for meets: Team swimsuit - purchased from the club. Optional: Team t-shirt. Prices for all are as follows: Girls swimsuit (practice and team): $60-$65 Boys jammers (practice and team): $40-$45 Goggles: $18 Swim cap: $10 T-shirt: $10