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The philosophy of SVA is centered upon goal-setting and achievement. Improving swimming speed is one of our major goals, but is also important to provide a rewarding and fun experience, while developing an athlete's full potential. Through a structured program implemented by experienced coaches, we teach our swimmers the benefits of personal responsibility and a solid work ethic. This includes:
  • Personal goal setting and achievement
  • Maximizing his/her potential
  • Developing high levels of motivation, enthusiasm and achievement
  • Promote the ideals of academic achievement as well as athletic achievement
  • Promote leadership and community involvement
  • Provide an athletic alternative to destructive youth behavior
  • Prepare our swimmers to excel in college, both academically and athletically Swimming is a fun and rewarding experience. Each swimmer learns that success is the direct result of hard work and dedication, not only in the pool, but in every aspect of their lives.