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BASS Swimming serves swimming levels from beginner (those who can swim Free-style on length of a 25 meter pool) all the way through those who compete at the regional and national levels. Experienced coaches, an active board and parent volunteers are the backbone of making our team a success.

The love of swimming and the ability to see all swimmers compete at their best level is our goal/focus/philosophy.  

Our 2017-18 practice schedule begins on September 18 and concludes on May 18, 2018.  A swimmer may opt to continue with the summer program which will begin May 21 and finishes after all championship meets. Additional information about the summer program will be available at a later date.
Upon payment of the non-refundable registration fee and acceptance into BASS, there are several convenient payment plans. The seasonal rate option is available for those who wish to prepay and save approximately 10% of the total fee; otherwise, Eight (8) equal monthly payments can be made.   In either case, full payment is not contingent on swimmer participation - the year is paid in full regardless of attendance.
*** There are 2 newer 7 month options available to all but the Senior group, and White Group  (Option 1 only). Option 1 is to begin in September and  end March 31 and only have 7 monthly payments Option 2 is to begin November 1 ending May 19th and only have 7 monthly payments.



 7 MONTH OPTION:  BASS has implemented a "7 month Option" to allow swimmers who are engaged in another activities in the Fall or Spring to cost effectively participate on the team.  There are two Options.  Option 1 is to participate the seven months from our start date (September 12th) thru March 30th. Option 2 starts November 1 through our winter team end date (May 18th).  Both options are available to all Red, Purple, Blue and Bronze members.  White Group members may participate in the September to March program.   By only having  7 payments ( in addition to the regular registration, fundraising and volunteer obligations), these members are able to save on our already great pricing.  

  FRIDAY OPTION:    This program is for swimmers in the Bronze, and Purple groups (Blue, Pre/Seniors are automatically included) who wish to add an extra day to their schedule for flexibility and preparation to compete at the state level.  These practices will be done with our BASS South swimmers.  Bronze, Purple and groups will practice Fridays from 6:15-8:00pm at Woodberry.  We will also have an occasional practice at Woodberry or in Fluvanna at Fork Union on Saturday mornings from 7-9 AM.  

SUMMER PROGRAM:   Although the BASS winter program doesn’t end until May 18th, we will begin “long course” training after our formal spring break.  For  the summer of 2018 we will offer a ten-week summer program for all swimmers that are eligible for the Bronze, Purple, Blue and Pre/Senior groups.   In order to compete at the state and national level swimmers who are members of the Pre/Senior group must be in the summer program and are expected to participate.   More information about practice times and meets will be made available at a later date.




1.  New & Returning Members - Please complete the online registration to guarantee your space.
2.  All BASS members must attend Final Registration
3.  Swimmer orientation will be conducted on both September 18th and 19th. This will allow swimmers to become oriented with the facility and to meet the coaches. A board member will also go over facility rules and expections.

Please mark your calendars for events listed at this link. All pertinanet information is included.