Membership Information

- Welcome & Thank You for Your Interest in the Stingrays -

How to Become a Member:

Membership is open to boys and girls between the ages of 5-18. Each swimmer must be able to swim the length of the pool; this is a prerequisite for becoming a member of the Stingrays. ALL SWIMMERS MUST BE EVALUATED PRIOR TO REGISTRATION FOR PROPER GROUP PLACEMENT.  To schedule a new swimmer evaluation, please contact the respective head site coach. 

Jeff Rouse Swim & Sport Center:  Coach Anthony Pedersen at or 703-919-5889.     
King George YMCA  Coach Connor Muncie at   
Massad YMCA:  Coach Josh Friedel at or 540-455-3408.
Rosner YMCA:  Coach Andy Bertolet at or 540-840-0680.  

Once group placement has been determined please go to   Team Program Online Registration   and complete the online registration.  Swimmers practicing at our YMCA facilities will need to obtain a YMCA membership (see below).    If a program group is full we do encourage you to register for the waiting list but placement is not guaranteed.  Placement onto the RAYS, from the waiting list, will be prioritized based on tryout evaluation at site coach's discretion. 

Upcoming 2020-2021 Season: click here for 2020-2021 RAYS Contract.

Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP)  Link



- YMCA Membership Requirements:

All STINGRAYS members, practicing at the Massad YMCA, Rosner YMCA & King George YMCA are required to be YMCA members. The YMCA offers both family and youth membership plans with various methods of payment. Please make sure you mention you are a member of the Stingrays, the YMCA will waive the initiation fee. Each family is responsible for establishing the necessary YMCA membership. Swimmers will not be allowed to participate in regular practice until YMCA membership has been established. For more information concerning YMCA membership, please contact the following:


    King George YMCA
Erin Reiley
(540) 775-9622 ext 3090    
Massad YMCA
Israel Peltz
(540) 371-9622 ext 1090
Rosner YMCA
Kayte Zowine
(540) 735-9622 ext 2025


- USA SWIMMING Membership:

USA Swimming membership entitles a swimmer to swim in all USA Swimming events for which he or she qualifies. A swimmer must have a current card or have already applied for one in order to swim in a USA Swimming meet. This membership includes insurance which covers the member for supervised team practice and USA swimming meets and is secondary to other insurance carried by the swimmer's family.




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