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Green Bay Swim Club
PO Box 127, Green Bay, WI 54305-01270


A Small Team that Gets Big Results! 


Any swimmer that can swim 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke on their own is welcome to come to a practice to see if Green Bay Swim Club is the right fit. We offer training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. GBSC is a small team with a high coach to swimmer ratio that offers age specific training geared towards challenging each individual swimmer and developing them to the best of their ability. This type of personalized training has turned many of the GBSC swimmers into champions at Regional, State, Zones and National meets.



Certified Coaches will Evaluate your Swimmer and Place 

them in one of the Following Groups 




Blue: This practice group is an entry-level developmental group offering fun and camaraderie with other swimmers. This group focuses on perfecting freestyle and backstroke technique along with mastering the basics of the butterfly and breaststroke. Consists of swimmers ages 5 and up. To join this group, the swimmer must be legal in freestyle and backstroke. Swimmers must be able to swim 25 yards of both strokes.

White: This practice group is targeted at continuing the advanced development of all four strokes, starts, turns and basic racing strategies. Skills will be taught with an emphasis on fun in order to provide an all-around positive experience for swimmers. Basic training concepts are used.  To join this group, the swimmer must be legal in all four strokes or close to being legal with permission from the Head Coach.  Swimmers are assigned to this group at the coach’s discretion.

Red: This training group is an advanced group targeted at building competitive skills. Endurance training is emphasized but training is made specific to each swimmer. The emphasis will focus on stroke mechanics, training and race strategies, and goal setting. Training will include a dry land program. Swimmers are assigned to this group at the coach’s discretion.

Black: This group consists of our senior swimmers and is a highly competitive training group. This group will focus on advanced stroke mechanics, perfecting race strategies, individual goal setting, and understanding the importance of proper mental preparation. Training will include a dry land program. Swimmers will be assigned to this group at the coach’s discretion.



About the Team



Depending on the group and session, swimmers are offered between 3 and 8 practices per week, Monday - Friday. During the fall/winter and spring sessions, practices are held at SouthWest High School and Edison Middle School. During the summer months, practices are held at SouthWest High School, Resch Aquatic Center and Colburn Pool. Swimmers are encouraged to come to all the practices, but it is not mandatory.


Swim Meets

A variety of swim meets will be offered to the swimmers throughout the year. Participation in the meets is encouraged but completely optional. Swimmers are expected to participate in the GBSC home meet. Swimmers can sign up for meets through our website’s online EVENT signup program. Swimmers choose the races they want to swim at the meets. Relays are decided by the head coach. The coach will review all the meet entries to insure that swimmers have signed up correctly. 


Meet Fees 

There are entry fees for each meet that will be billed to your account. Generally the fees include a $4-$8 per individual event charge and a “Splash Fee/ Facility fee” for swimmer's admittance (amount varies) to each swim meet. 


Membership Fees

The fees for each swim session vary depending on which group your swimmer is placed in. The team has 3 swim sessions that are offered during the year. 

Fall/Winter Session: September - March

Spring Session: April - June

Summer Session June - August (5 morning practices and 3 evening practices for Black, Red and White groups.  Blue group has 3 evening practices)


GBSC and USA swimming fees are non-refundable.  Any credits in accounts can be carried over to next sessions up to 1 year from last active registration.  Credits are not able to be refunded and after 1 year from last active registration any funds then become team funds.  


For more information about the current session fees send us your information through our contact us page and a board member will call you or email you back. 



Fall/Winter 2019

Sept 9 - Feb 21

Spring 2020 **

Mid April - June 7

Summer 2020 **

June 8 - end of July 

Black $ 675 $ 240 ** $ 375 **
Red $ 625 $ 220 ** $ 345 **
White $ 575 $ 205 ** $ 300 **
Blue $ 525 $ 190 **

$  90  **

(only evening practices)

** USA Swimming annual membership fees (required for participation) are a separate charge for both Spring and Summer sessions.  If you did not swim with GBSC for the Fall/Winter session there will be the extra charge with participation in Spring and/or Summers session.  USA Swimming membership fee is currently $72 per swimming.    



Swimmers will need goggles, a swim cap and suit for practice. Any color or style of suit is fine for practice. The team provides training equipment such as fins, paddles, kick-boards, and pull buoys to use during practice. GBSC has team caps that swimmers are encouraged to wear along with a black swim suit at meets.   


Home Meet Requirements   

GBSC hosts one swim meet in the winter (usually held in January) and each family is required to work three positions during the meet. If you are unable to fulfill this volunteer requirement you must pay $150. The home meet is a major fundraiser for the club. Signup jobs will be posted on the website several weeks before the meet.  Hosting meets is an important source of revenue for the club. An email will be sent to parents informing them when the signup sheet is open for registering. 


Additional questions about GBSC?


Please contact us with your information and a board member will call or email you.