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 We are now accepting new swimmers for Spring/Summer 2021. Please reach out to Coach Connor at the email listed below if interested in trying out.


Coach Connor Huff: [email protected]


Team Information:

The Howard Suamico Storm Breakers Swim Team (HSSB) is a competitive swim team catering to Green Bay-area youth. Swimmers are led by USA Swimming-certified coaches with most practices being held at the Howard-Suamico Community Pool at Lineville Intermediate School. There are no residency requirements to participate.


HSSB offers group levels determined by ability and coaches' evaluation of athlete attitude and performance. The minimum requirement for a new swimmer to join the entry-level group is the ability to swim a continuous 50 yards (two pool lengths) freestyle with side-breathing and 50 yards backstroke.


Fees and Obligations:

Information about HSSB's fees to join can be found hereOther expenses and obligations that you should consider include:


Swim Meet Fees: There are entry fees for each swim meet you choose to attend. You can usually choose how many events you will swim per meet. Swimmer fees are typically $4-$5 per event and a one-time “splash fee” of $3-$5. Most meet hosts also charge $4-5 for spectator admittance.


Volunteer and Concessions Requirements: When HSSB hosts its home meet, each family is required to work two volunteer positions (concessions, stopwatch timing, etc.) If you are unable to fulfill this volunteer requirement a $100 fee will be assessed for your convenience. We also require a food/beverage donation or $25 in lieu of a donation to stock the concession stand.


Equipment: Swimming does not require much equipment. Our swimmers should have the following:

  • Good fitting goggles and a swim cap. An official HSSB team cap is required for swim meets. HSSB sells these caps for as low as $14. Custom caps with your name on them are $17
  • Team swimsuit for swim meets and team photos ($60-70)
  • Advanced swimmers (Senior 2/3 levels) will require a snorkel
  • HSSB will provide other equipment as needed

Practice Schedules:

Swimmers are offered several practices practices per week, Monday through Friday during the swim season. An occasional make-up practice will be scheduled on weekends. Attending every practice is highly encouraged, but it isn’t mandatory to remain on the team. Please see our website for the season's practice/meet calendar


Swim Meets:

Unlike some sports, with swimming you may select which meets your swimmer does and does not participate in. It is only mandatory for swimmers to participate in the HSSB Home Meets. Other meets are optional. Upcoming HSSB Home Meet dates are:

  • June 4-6, 2021

Experienced Swimmers:

Experienced swimmers transferring from another team or off-season college swimmers should contact one of our coaches to discuss joining the team outside of the tryout periods.