Membership Information


All club and USA SWIMMING fees must be current for swimmers to swim with MFSC.


These fees may be paid in one of two ways:


STANDARD PLAN-payment in full at the beginning of each session.


INSTALLMENT PLAN-three equally spaced payments.


If the INSTALLMENT PLAN payments are over two weeks late, swimmers will not be allowed to swim at practice or in meets until payment is made.



Payment Plan does include USA SWIMMING Registration Fees, Seasonal or regular. Payment Plan does

not apply to any of the following: Pre-Comp Program, Camps, Masters Program, a regular swim family whose fundraiser credits reduce their obligation to less than $100.


A $25.00 discount applies only to new swimmers. A $25.00 discount is given to families with two or more swimmers registering with MFSC. Swimmers must register for the entire session. The financial commitment is for the entire session and families will be held accountable for any remaining fees should they elect to leave at any time during the season


Payment Plan Timetables:


Short Course (Winter Session):

            Full Session Swimmers (26-32 weeks)

                        Three (3) equal payments due at the start of the 1st, 9th

                        and 16th week of the session.

            High School Boys and Girls (13 or 16 weeks)

                        Two (2) equal payments due at the start of the 1st and 8th

                        week of their session.

Long Course (Summer) Session*

            Full Session Swimmers (16-22 weeks)

                        Two (2) equal payments due at the start of the

                        1st and 9th week of the session.

* Long course may be split into two sub-sessions, Session A running from the beginning of Long Course through the end of the school year.  Session B running from the end of the school year through the end of Long Course.  The board may, at its discretion, offer a discount to swimmers registering for the full session.


Exact dates will be published on the session registration form.


Failure to pay within fourteen (14) days of the due date

will result in the following action: Swimmer(s) will not be allowed

to practice or participate in any meet until the payment is made.

The second violation will remove the privilege to use the

payment plan.

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