Membership Information

Joining PASC is easy

1. Complete the Online Registration

2. Give a head's up to

3. Come to practice with online registration completed and payment

  • PASC dropbox is located in the hallway to seating area for the Pulaski Pool.  Your child can come to a practice to "test the waters" prior to payment, however, for liability reasons, you must complete the online registration prior to your child entering the pool.

4. Start swimming!


PASC Volunteer Requirements



Beginner swimmer or has possibly not mastered all four strokes. This group can be used see what the club offers your swimmer or just getting your swimmer acclimated to the club. Blue Swimmers will practice just 2-3 times per week on average for 45 minutes to an hour. Any age may be in Blue.

White is a group where Coaches would like them to be legal in all 4 strokes. Be able to swim 200 free without stopping. We would also like them to participate in at least one meet a season (or more:)) We prefer them to be 9 or older and they practice usually 3 times per week.

Red are for swimmer that may be able to swim 5 X 100 free @ 145 at practice and 5 X 100 IM @ 2 at practice. We would like them swimming at least 2 meets a season. If your child is interested in red, they need to ask the coach to swim in the "pink" lane. The coach should know from the swimmer what their personal goals are.

Red Elite
This group is a small group of swimmers (due to lane space) and may be limited in size. These swimmers must be willing to come to practice 4-5 days a week. Be on time to practice and be positive role models. They must be able to swim 10 X 100 free @ 130 at practice and 10 X 100 fly/back @ 140 or breast @ 150. We prefer that they are 7th grade or older and have been in the red group for at least 2 season (or the high school team). If you child is interested, please see Head Coach.


Contact Information


Contact Pulaski Area Swim Club with questions.  Registration link will give you current session dates & fees and see Calender for updated practice times.


*See  Documents and  Policies for other useful information.