Membership Information

Signing up is as easy as 1,2,3

1. Fill out the registration form.

(click for registration form)

2. Go to and get an annual gold
This costs $95 and it is good for the year. All
water polo players in the United States must have this in order to
play. Players will recieve a quarterly water polo magazine with
sign-up and will be covered by insurance. Our club Number is

(click to go to

3. Send in your completed registration form and proof of
membership to:

Pacific Polo Water Polo Club
13393 Thunderhead Street
San Diego, CA 92129

Call Coach Ian for any questions and to schedule your first day
to start. (858) 722-1847.


10U:$125/ month 3 days a week or $75/month 1 day a week (Saturdays)

12U and 14U boys and girls: $190 per month. All levels will practice 3 days per week including the 10U team! (All leagues and tournaments are a seperath expense based on the cost of entry per team and wil be listed under the tournament sign-ups tab)

*Out of town tournaments are an additional charge. $100 for mulit day tournaments and $50 for one day tournaments.

*Participation in the National Junior Olympics is a seperate expense.
 *All players must purchase a team suit and their own water polo ball which they will be expected to bring to each practice

For more information please call or e-mail:
Coach Ian Mckercher (858) 722-1847 or
Coach Kurt Hatch (858) 449-9248 or

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