Membership Information

Signing up is as easy as 1,2,3

1. Fill out the registration form.

(click for registration form)

2. Go to and get an annual silver or gold

This costs: 

$87 Silver (For Regional tournaments leagues and practice) 

$130 Gold (For National Competitions and Practice) and it is good for the year. All
water polo players in the United States must have this in order to
play. Players will recieve a quarterly water polo magazine with
sign-up and will be covered by insurance. Our club Number is

(click to go to

3. Send in your completed registration form and proof of
membership to:

Pacific Polo Water Polo Club
13393 Thunderhead Street
San Diego, CA 92129

Call Coach Ian for any questions and to schedule your first day
to start. (858) 722-1847.


10U:$150/ month 3 days a week or $100/month 1 day a week (Saturdays)

12U and 14U boys and girls: $225 per month. All levels will practice 3 days per week including the 10U team! (All leagues and tournaments are a seperath expense based on the cost of entry per team and wil be listed under the tournament sign-ups tab)

*Out of town tournaments are an additional charge. $100 for mulit day tournaments and $50 for one day tournaments.

*Participation in the National Junior Olympics is a seperate expense.
 *All players must purchase a team suit and their own water polo ball which they will be expected to bring to each practice

For more information please call or e-mail:
Coach Ian Mckercher (858) 722-1847 or [email protected]
Coach Kurt Hatch (858) 449-9248 or [email protected]

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