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The FAST Swim team takes great pride in keeping our program fees at an affordable level for all families. We can do this with help from club parents. The parents help with the volunteer efforts to keep club costs down. These volunteers work at our clubs home meets & fundraising events, providing services such as Lane Timing, Food donations, Admissions, Kitchen help, set-up & clean-up, and serving on various board of directors positions.
FAST never wants to see a child be turned away. We offer a limited number of scholarships for those families that need financial assistance with club registration fees. We do require that swimmers have been active members of FAST for one full year (attending all sessions) before qualifying for scholarship assistance. These fees are available for covering a "part" of swimmers team registration fees, and it is not available for USA swimming fees, or meet fees. Applications for scholarship are available online under "FAST Team Information" Getting Started Forms. Applications should be turned in to the FAST president. Certain volunteer and commitment requirements are a condition of the scholarship program. Each scholarship is reviewed and decided on by the FAST board members. If you have any further questions, please contact the FAST president.
CLUB  FEES: These are the fees that a swimmer pays when joining the FAST club. These fees are paid in full at the time of registration, and cover that swimmer for the entire "Swim Session". A swimming session generally runs 12-16 weeks from start to finish, and the F.A.S.T club has (3) sessions per calendar year. These sessions are spring/summer, fall, and winter. These fees go towards the club expenses such as, swimmers training, coaches wages & taxes, coaches education/certification/recertification, pool rental, office supplies, insurance, software & computers, and much more. Club fees are adjusted to meet economic conditions, but are kept at the lowest possible rate to allow families to be a part of an affordable, quality swimming program. 
MEET FEES:  Swim meets are always optional. We do encourage our swimmers to compete in meets once they are ready. It is the best way to show how much they have learned, and help them develop goals. Meet fees are not included in the club & registration fees paid upon joining the team. The price per swim varies, it's decided by the host team. The average cost is about $4 to $5 per event, plus a $3 splash fee (to use the pool). If you have any other questions, feel free to ask a board member to go over this with you.
BRONZE & SILVER :  $205.00 per session.  Registration forms are located under "Getting Started Forms" in the FAST Team Information Section. 
COPPER & PLAID:  $225.00 per session.  Registration forms are located under "Getting Started Forms" in the FAST Team Information Section. 
GOLD & PLATINUM:  $245.00 per session.  Registration forms are located under "Getting Started Forms" in the FAST Team Information Section. 
HIGH SCHOOL CONDITIONING: $150.00 per session. Registration forms are located under "Getting Started Forms: in the FAST Team Information Section. You must still pay for your USA/Wisconsin Swimming fees to have insurance. This program is limited to 2 days per week. If you want to train more than that, you would choose the Platinum Program above.

IMA ESCROW FEES: Each family has an IMA account. This stands for Individual Meet Account. This account is the billing account for members' swim meet fees. The fee is a refundable deposit to the family, or may be applied to future session fees if unused. This fee may not be applied toward USA/Wisconsin Swimming fees. 
USA SWIMMING FEES:  These are fees charged to each swimmer who swims on a USA Swimming registered club. These fees go directly to USA/Wisconsin Swimming. These fees help the organization provide Insurance to your swimmer during practice, meets, and travel to/from meets, and helps cover the continuing education materials for coaches, write the rules & regulations handbooks, etc. For a more detailed breakdown of these fees, you can click here.
USA FEES: $70.00 annually for all ages. 
  • A discount of 10% is given to each child after the first swimmer, from the same family.
  • A discount of 20% is given if there is a third child from the same family.

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