Membership Information

Amarillo Swim Team

806-282-4070 or 806-683-0359
PO Box 8632, Amarillo, Texas 79114-8632


Senior Team
Monthly Fee: $75.00 per swimmer/month


Junior Team

Monthly Fee: $70.00 per swimmer/month


Black Team

Monthly Fee: $60.00 per swimmer/month


Blue Team

Monthly Fee: $60.00 per swimmer/month



Monthly Fee: $55.00 per swimmer/month    

How do I get my child on the team? How do swimmers "try-out"?

1. Call Coach Lee @ 806.282.4070 or Coach Douglass at 806.683.0359 so they are aware of your intent to try-out for the team.

2. Discuss with Coach Lee other requirements to joining the team.

3. Bring your child to the pool on a Monday or Tuesday night at 5:00pm (while school is in session) or on Mondays at 8:00am (during the summer) and find one of the coaches on deck and let them know you are there for a swim test.

4. The swim test consists of:

1.     Having the prospective swimmer swim one length of the pool (25 yards) unaided in any manner they so choose.

2.     Once they get to the other end, the coach conducting the test will give the swimmer 3 stroke improvements to try to incorporate into their stroke.

3.     Remembering those three things, the swimmer will swim back the 25 yards.

4.     After this, the test is complete.

5. At the completion of the test, the coach will meet with the parent and swimmer and discuss the team placement, who the swimmer’s main coach will  be, the nights the team practices, and the cost per month for the team dues.

6. The swimmer can at that point join the team they are placed on for their first practice.

Hopefully this outline will help everyone understand what is involved in the try-out and encourage more swimmers to join the team without anxiety of what the try-out entails... 

See you at the pool!

After the Try-Out: You will need to fill out our Registration, please click on the "Start Registration" link on the top left of the page.