Practice Schedule & Variations

Schedule SPAR Spring Schedule Senior Monday through Friday 4-6:30 pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 5-6:30 am Saturday 8-10 am Age Group and Novice Monday Wednesday, and Friday Novice: 5-...

 Spartan News

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 12 & Under Tech Suit Rule

12 & Under Tech Suit Restrictions Beginning September 1, 2020 12 & Under swimmers will not be allowed to wear high-end suits in sanctioned competitions. USA Swimming passed this rule viewing the use...

 Team Apparel

Spartan Swim Suit and Apparel Order Form

 NCAA Info for the College Bound / 2019-2020

Several of our Senior swimmers have begun looking at swimming beyond high school. The NCAA (the primary governing body for college athletics) has rules and requirements for student-athletes dealing wi...