Feb 5, 2020 - February Calendars
Provincial Gold Updated Orca Black/ Provincial Combo Orca Blue/ Mini Whale Black Mini Whales
Oct 30, 2019 - Photos from Comox Thanksgiving Meet
Dan Scott took a lot of personal time to take, edit, and post photos from the Thanksgiving Meet on October 19th. You can see his work here . If you would like a high resolution photo, please reach o...
Oct 17, 2019 - The Tea Video
"Through competition we find ourselves" The purpose of competition is to improve. If we focus on external areas of competition such as results, time standards, and placing, we run into the imminent vi...
Sep 9, 2019 - Very Tentative Meet Schedule
This is our very tentative meet schedule. Once we get our website fully up and running we will have these meets, with meet information loaded on our website cover. This is just a preliminary look at t...