Jul 29, 2021 - Countless best times at the end of season meet
Congratulations to PEAK swimming for an outstanding season! The age groups competed in the QSS T/F meet, the filled the best times board! Amazing job, we are all so proud! GO PEAK!
Jun 29, 2021 - Senior dinner 2021
Congratulations to PEAKs seniors! They will be continuing their study and swimming at their amazing colleges! From left: Elaine Feng (SJSU), Claire Rumzie (Arkansas), Skyler Smith (UNC), Ela Freiman ...
Jun 16, 2021 - Good luck to Ethan and Skyler!
Sending our Olympic Trials swimmers off with special care packages!
Jun 16, 2021 - We are back to our home pool at Lynbrook High!
After over a year away from our home pool, we are back! GO PEAK!
Jun 16, 2021 - PEAK swimmers at the US Olympic Trials wave II
Congratulations to PEAKs Ethan Hu and Skyler Smith on competing at the 2021 US Olympic Trials Wave II!