May 21, 2018 - Briefs
21 May 2018 Quote for the week: ?Observation is so key to success and development. Always be on the look out and listen out to see and hear things that you can use.? ~Kevin Eastman Hello Torpe...
May 14, 2018 - THT Briefs
14 May 2018 Quote for the week: ?The quality of our expectations determine the quality of our actions.? ~Andres Godin Hello TorpedoesNation, Pike Spring Invitational Great job to our...
May 11, 2018 - Practice Reminders!
A quick reminder about practice differences that you want to be aware of: -Tonight (Friday) and Tomorrow (Saturday) there will be no practice, due to the meet in Pike. This includes Masters. -Nex...
May 7, 2018 - THT Briefs, Meet Week
07 May 2018 Quote for the week: "Only by contending with challenges that seem to be beyond your strength to handle at the moment can you grow." ~Brian Tracy Hello TorpedoesNation, Coach Sam?s La...
Apr 30, 2018 - THT Briefs
30 Apr 2018 Quote for the week: ?Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.? ~John Maxwell Hello TorpedoesNation, Locker Rooms A quick reminder to all that the locker...
Apr 16, 2018 - THT Briefs
16 Apr 2018 Quote for the week: ?Many people think that patience is a sign of weakness. I think this is a mistake. It is anger that is a sign of weakness, whereas patience is a sign of strength.? ~D...
Apr 9, 2018 - LONG COURSE!!!
09 Apr 2018 Quote for the week: "The choices you make in life, make you." ~John Wooden Hello TorpedoesNation, Practices Begin this week Today marks the first day back for our summe...
Feb 26, 2018 - DIVISIONAL WEEK
26 Feb 2018 Quote for the week: ?Where focus goes, energy flows.? ~Tony Robbins Hello TorpedoesNation, THT Arctic Blast One swimmer was accidentally missed while mentioning high p...
Feb 20, 2018 - Briefs 2/20/18
Hello TorpedoesNation, THT Arctic Blast Thank you to all who worked our last regular season meet. We can not run a meet without your help. The kids seemed to be having a blast, and I ...
Sep 19, 2017 - THT signs with Dolfin
Hello THT Parents and families, We are excited to announce our new team sponsorship agreement with Dolfin, this letter is to notify you and communicate with you what this ...