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Oct 16, 2018 - Important Practice update for 10/17/18
Important practice schedule update for 10/17/18. Please note there is no practice at the AC. Jr1 5:30-6:45 Y Jr2 5:30-6:45 Y Jr3 5:30-7:00 Y Pre 1 4:00-5:30 Y Pre 2 4:00-5:30 Y Sr 1 4:00-5:30 Y Sr 2/...
Oct 15, 2018 - November Practice schedule
November Practice Schedule now posted!
Oct 2, 2018 - RAYS 2018-19 Sponsorship Forms
Here is the 2018-19 Sponsorship form for the RAYS Swim Team.
Sep 8, 2017 - Download the RAYS practice schedule to your smart phone or tablet!
A google calendar with our practice schedule has been made public to you to download into your phone, tablet or computer. Click on or copy and paste the link below and follow the prompts on your devi...