May 14, 2021 - MAY NEWSLETTER
May 12, 2021 - Wednesday Wisdom
Here’s How Your Body Tells You That You’re Not Drinking Enough Water Saanya AliûMay 6, 2021 The human body is made up of nearly 60 percent water. It relies on water for breathing, digestion, lubricati...
May 11, 2021 - Tuesdays Tip
Don’t Violate These 16 Unspoken Swimmer Laws By Allison Peters Once, during a meet, I had a revelation. After almost being jumped on by one of my teammates during warmup, I thought to myself, “Wow, he...
May 5, 2021 - Wednesday Wisdom
Want to Swim at the Next Level? Stay Away From This Performance-Disrupting Mental Trap by Dr. Alan Goldberg If you really want to improve your chances of getting recruited to swim at the next level, w...
May 4, 2021 - Tuesdays Tip
15 Truths About Swimming By: Chandler Brandes Swimming is a sport like no other. You learn a lot about yourself throughout your years as a swimmer and the sport inherently instills valuable life less...
Apr 28, 2021 - Wednesday Wisdom
Swimmers Live for Getting Faster BY Olivier LeRoy Being able to go faster than we ever have is what fuels all those early mornings, the long, bordering-on-endless swim meets, the uncertainty and doub...
Apr 21, 2021 - Wednesday Wisdom
How You Can Swim Faster Under Pressure By: Olivier Leroy One of the all-time infuriations (I know, not a word, but kinda rolled off the keyboard) for swimmers is not being able to manage pres...
Apr 16, 2021 - April Newsletter
Feb 19, 2021 - Spring Swim School Information
Spring Swim School Information