May 4, 2021 - Annual Pool Algae Treatment/Closure
PSC will be closing this May for their annual algae treatment. The treatment, which has taken 2+ weeks in the past, is scheduled to close the pool for only 1 week this year. The pool will be closed, a...
May 2, 2021 - Happy Birthday May Ducks!
Happy Birthday to all of our May Ducks! Evelyn Bolig - 9th, Jade Navarro - 15th, Connor & Garrett Gehrke - 23rd, Vaughn Perlich - 25th, Eleni Antonis - 27th, Harper Fleischmann - 27th, Julia Clary - 2...
Feb 14, 2021 - 2020 Aquaducks Group Awards
Jan 18, 2021 - PSC Gate Reversal
Effective today, January 18, the entrance gate to PSC will be the small gate, formerly the exit gate. Plan to enter here. The exit gates will now be the large, double gate, by the skate park.
Dec 22, 2020 - WARM WATER!��
The PSC second boiler was fixed yesterday. The Seniors are describing the water this morning as, "Glorious!" (That means WARM!) Yeah!
Dec 21, 2020 - Color Wars T-shirts
Hello Ducks! Today is the finale for our first annual Colors War. It has been a month of racing and remembering that we are a team, from our wee 7 year olds to our graduating high school seniors...we ...
Nov 1, 2020 - Easy Access To Your Times!
Team Unify (our website vendor) has an app that you can download to help you easily access information including two things weve been asked many questions about lately, meet times /and PC registration...
Jul 30, 2020 - Training Schedules Aug. 10 and Forward
Monday D2 – 4:00-5:00pm Purple – 4:00-5:15pm Silver – 5:15-6:45pm Pre-Senior – 5:15-7:15pm (D) ...
Feb 1, 2015 - Aquaducks Meet Olympians At Cal
The Cal/UCLA women's dual meet this past Saturday was no less than amazing. Every heat was full of Olympic hopefuls and many included Olympic veterans. Cal has a very hands-on approach to their meets,...
Jun 30, 2014 - Duck Buddies Rock The Pool!
With over 89% best times recorded for the weekend's events, you could say that our meet was a success. With 8 team records falling, you could say that the Ducks were smokin' fast! With buddies cheerin...
Jun 7, 2014 - Duck Duo Conquers Berryessa
This morning, Saturday, June 7, two of our Ducks raced at the annual Lake Berryessa Open Water Swim. Haley Joslin returned to the lake for her 6th swim, competing in the 15+ mile event. Sawyer Backman...
Apr 23, 2014 - Westside Welcomes New Purple Group Coach
Coach Steve Dunbar has been such a loyal and dedicated coach for our team. We are so sad to loose him, but wish him all of our best in his adventures to come. They say every cloud has a silver lining....
Apr 7, 2014 - Henry Steiner Breaks 2 Minute Barrier at Far Westerns
This past weekend's Far Western Championships welcomed over 1500 athletes from 7 states. The meet is the fastest age group competition in the western United States. Henry Steiner, a member of our Aqu...
Feb 9, 2014 - Listen to Your Parents!
It was a wet, rainy, blustery...typhoony weekend in Vallejo. Thank goodness we are ducks. However!... More than a couple of our ducks were found shoeless or clothes-free with the following reasons: ...
Dec 15, 2013 - Shinmei's Application Essay
Tell us about a personal quality, talent, accomplishment, contribution or experience that is important to you. What about this quality or accomplishment makes you proud and how does it relate to the...
Nov 12, 2013 - Veteran's Day Parade
Helicopters flying over, airplane passes, jazz music, exhaust from old vehicles, children dressed in all sorts of costumes, vintage military vehicles and uniforms...and Ducks! The parade was a blast. ...
Nov 9, 2013 - Ducks, Pizza, Fun!
The D2, D3, and D4 groups had their first pizza night at Pinky's pizza. With over 50 in attendance, a good time and full bellies were had by all.
Aug 7, 2013 - Congratulations To Our Far Western Championship Team
From left to right, Taka Shimokobe, Henry Steiner, Shinmei Chan, and Yui Shimokobe. All four swimmers swam to persoal bests at this year's Far Western Championships. The meet was held in South San Jos...
Jul 22, 2013 - Congratulations to the Westside Sectional Team
ýCongratulations to our 2013 long course Sectional Team.ý Left to right, Taka Shimokobe, Mark Samet, Dylan Steiner, and Henry Steiner represented our team in Santa Clarita this past week in a five day...
Jul 20, 2013 - Congratulations to the Westside Junior Olympic Team
Congratulations to our 2013 short course Junior Olympic Championship team. Seated, left to right, Henry Steiner, Taka Shimokobe, Yui Shimokobe, Erik Grini, and Carl Grini. Seated below is Ana Larson. ...
Apr 23, 2013 - "Like" Us on Facebook!
If you didn't already know it, Westside Aquaducks has a Facebook page! Click here to visit and LIKE us ! (Or check out the handy Facebook button at the left side of our home page. It'll take you righ...