Jul 20, 2017 - Sippy Woodhead?s Tips For SwimSwam Parents
Sippy Woodhead?s Tips For SwimSwam Parents Legendary swimmer Cynthia ? Sippy ? Woodhead broke her first world record at age 14 and won a silver medal in the 1984 Olympics...
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What do I eat the night before a race? Do I have to have a special meal or follow a strict diet the day before? Do I ever have a beer or a glass of wine? I get asked these questions a lot. Mostly the ...
Jun 18, 2015 - 3 Steps to Overnight Meet Recovery
From the moment finals end until prelims begin the next morning, you have the greatest opportunity to maximize your recovery. Knowing how to take control of those 12-16 hours away from the pool will h...
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Good recovery between prelims and finals sessions at a meet has a huge impact on how you race in finals. The second half of the day demands much more energy, excitement, and, most importantly, mental ...
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?Why do I have to keep practicing? I know it already!? That?s the familiar wail of a child seated at the piano or in front of the multiplication table (or, for that matter, of an adult taking a te...
Jun 7, 2013 - How To Get Young Swimmers To Eat Well
Parents and coaches want their swimmers to feel good, eat well and perform to their best ability. But that?s not always easy to accomplish when you have growing bodies, different food preferences an...