Jun 1, 2021 - No Masks Required - Fully Vaccinated People
Memo Menlo Swim & Sport Fully Vacinnated Individauls are not required to wear a mask at this time on deck. Stay Safe and Healthy! Swim! Chlorine Rules!
May 24, 2021 - NEW RECORD @ Santa Clara Senior Meet
The first meet since Covid was a fun one! SOLO was represented by the long term standouts Robbie Kuhnen, Sela Dingpontsawa and Lulu Schloss. We had a great day on Saturday going back in time, when S...
May 9, 2021 - SOLO Team Caps Available At Practice!
The SOLO Swim Caps can be picked up at practice! There are two types of caps: Latex $5 (tight fit, wear out a lot faster) Silicone $15 (softer, doesn't pull hair as much, but does slide around a...
Apr 3, 2021 - Lacrosse Ball Massage on Sore Muscles
SOLO Athletes here is the info on working out the sore muscles: You can start with a tennis ball to get the hang of it! Thank...