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NOVA 2017-2018 Team Goal

Last spring, the coaching staff met over the course of 2 days looking at ways to continue to provide programming and guidance that meets the needs of all of our members.  With such a wide range of abilities and levels, we as a staff recognize that the most true area to determine performance is not about the meet you swim at but the amount of time your improve over the course of the season.  The measure has no standard is not dependent on our top level swimmers.  It is truly based on each individual member and EVERYONE can contribute.

With the start of the new meet season beginning tomorrow, we wanted to make everyone aware of our team goal for the coming year.  The coaches have set a goal of improving our times by a total of 100,000 seconds.  We have no basis for comparison but think it would be really cool if the team dropped that much time.  Each meet, throughout the season, every time drop from every swimmer will help towards our goal.  Beginning with the meet this weekend and finishing this summer, our goal is to drop100,000 seconds. 

The coaches will calculate our improvement following each meet and keep a running total throughout the year.  Any swim that is better than your best helps us reach our goal.  We thought this would be a great motivator for all of our members and something that everyone will have an impact.

With such a big year ahead for the NOVA's and hoping to build upon last year's success we can't wait to get started. 

Best of luck this season to everyone in the pool in 2018!


The NOVA Coaching Staff