2020-21 New Swimmer Info


2020-21 New Swimmer Info


We ended our 2020 Summer Wait List on Fri June 5th.  Any new swimmer inquiries received from June 6th onward will be placed on our 2020-21 wait list.  We are sorry that we could not accept all interested swimmers for Summer 2020 practices, and hope to be able to register more swimmers for the coming 2020-21 swim season.  Our email to families wait listed from Summer interest is below for reference.

Registration for the 2020-21 NAAC swim season will begin for current Team Families July 1-14, for new NA Families July 20-25, and for any non-NA Families July 26-31.  General group info and fees for our 2020-21 Swim Season are posted on our 2020-21 Season Info HERE.  If we do have the space to accommodate new swimmers, our NAAC Initial season registration is again tiered as below.  The priority of group acceptance will be as noted below and in regard to order of interest as received by Coaches John Coffman and Jen Bernsdorf (emails noted below).  If you have already emailed either one of us we have you on our list!

  1. Tier One - July 1-14: Siblings of swimmers already on the team
  2. Tier Two - July 20-25: New Albany PLSD residents
  3. Tier Three - July 26-31: New Outside NA residents - info HERE

As much as we would love to accommodate all new swimmer and new family interest in joining NAAC, we may not be able to add many new swimmers.

If we can accept your swimmer we would contact you about any possible need for a new swimmer evaluation, and communicate team & group registration instructions after acceptance.  

All new swimmer inquiries should email Coach John (Coffman) and CC Coach Jen (Bernsdorf).  John’s email is [email protected] and Jen’s email is [email protected], and/or our team "Contact Us" email address.  Our interest in NAAC list will be compiled via email only.

Updated Summer Protocols are posted HERE!

Evaluations are now complete for the summer of 2020!

Possible Evaluation Dates for any remaining group spots will be conducted in September.


No reservations needed, please simply show up to an eval, with your swimmer ready to swim, and we will let you know which group they are placed in at the conclusion of the eval, per space available per group.


Thanks for the interest and we will register as many new swimmers and new Team Families with NAAC as possible!  - John C