Former Competitive Swimmer

"As aformer competitive swimmer, I have high standards for youth swimming programs.  The Swim America Program at BSC is top-notch.  I continue to be impressed with the consistency, dedication, and compassion that I see every day by John and his staff of instructors.  The daily session offerings promote rapid growth and development with a nice focus on technique at each station or level.  Unlike other swim programs, Swim America has a unique approach to teaching children - as children master the skills at each station, they move levels as needed, and in the case of one of our children, multiple levels in one daily lesson.  This concept is so rewarding for children because they see immediate results instead of being 'locked in" to any one level for the duration of the program like some other programs we have tried.  We have seen such growth in our three children who are now mid-way through their second year in the program.  I am hopeful that this program will expand into other offerings throughout the calendar year!  Keep up the good work!"

Patty Palmer, former Division I Syracuse University swimmer
--written based on the SwimAmerica program being run by John Pringle at Bridgewater State College, 34 Park Ave., Bridgewater, MA

Hempfield Rec and Lancaster SwimAmerica hosted a mini meet for SwimAmerica participants, local USS club swimmers, and YMCA swimmers.   Proceeds from this meet support the Patrick McGrath Memorial Fund which was established to subsidize lessons for families who can’t afford them.  The meet was held on Sunday, March 6th at the Hempfield Rec.  There were 44 SwimAmerica participants.  It was a positive experience for them and many went on to join local summer swim teams!

Gwyn Atkinson, SwimAmerica Program Director, Lancaster PA