Open House Week

Greetings –

I hope that the “back-to-school” fun has been an ok experience for everyone. I know that some of our swimmers went back this week, but the majority will begin on Monday. It is a crazy time for everyone, but as parents’ of swimmers, when isn’t it a crazy time for us?

To add to the craziness, this week starts our open house week at NFS. I would like to encourage all parents to help us out, simply by “hanging out”. If you have any free time during the open house sessions, we would appreciate it if you could make yourself available on deck to any new families that may have questions or just need some strong referrals on the program. It is also a great chance to listen to Coach Mel’s lecture and see what he has in store for the season. Don’t forget to wear your NFS apparel.

On an un-related topic, some of you may have noticed that we didn’t have our usual banquet at the end of long course season. We didn’t forget about it, we just decided to move it to a less-congested time of the year so we are targeting the end of the short-course season (March-ish). But in the meantime we are working to put together a “kick-off” event this weekend. Nothing fancy or formal, just a fun afternoon to cap off an exciting week. As soon as the details are confirmed, we will let you know.

Thanks for your time. It is shaping up to be a great year.

Mark Watson

NFS Board President