Sign up for TBAY Meet

We are excited to have so many new WFLA Swimmers.  We have our first short course season meet coming up on the weekend of Sept. 7-9 at Countryside Country Club (TBAY).  We have to turn in our meet entries by the end of the week.  If you are a returning WFLA family, please sign up for this meet online.  If you are a new family, please let your coaches know of your interest in this meet when you turn in your registration packet.  We do have to have your registration packet back in order to register you for this meet.  Fees for meets are per event, plus a facility fee (typically $20-$25 per meet).  You will be billed through the website once your paperwork is turned in.  You do not have to swim all three days.  In fact if you are a new WFLA swimmer, we recommend one day (Sat. or Sun.).  The meet info. is on our website.  Please email Cashel (zookeeper5721@gmail.com) if you have questions.  We will be giving you more info. regarding warm up times etc. as the date gets closer.