Instructions: How to Use Team Website

Hi Parents,


Last year we implemented the use of a new website:  You can either click on this link or Google search it.  Please check that you are on our new site which has a dark red background. 


This email details how to log into your personal account on the team website.  From there, you will be able to access: the schedule, directions to away meets, RSVP for swim meets, the online times database, and more.  I suggest printing this document out when first using these features.


Accessing Your Account – Each family has its own personal account.  New families should have received an automatically generated email from the website.  This email contains a link that will take you to your website.  When the page loads, you will be asked to create a password for your account.  Your email address will act as your username.  The “Log In” button is on the left side of the page.  Families who were on the team last year should still be able to access their accounts.  You can reset your password in case you have forgotten it.  A password reset email will be sent to your primary email address.


If you did not receive this email or are having trouble accessing your account, please let me know.  Also, be sure to check your spam folder.


Updating Your Account – When you first access the team website please go to “My Account” on the left hand side.  From there, click on the “My Account” Subfolder.  You will be able to see your account information such as Billing Info, Guardians, Insurance/Emergency Contact.  Please check to see that all of the information is correct. 


Billing Info – The Billing information is only used to set up the account, you will not be billed anything beyond the initial registration fee that you have already paid to the Rec. Department.


Add/Edit/Delete Email Addresses – You can add/edit/delete email addresses so that the automatically generated emails can reach you at all of your email addresses.  At the top of the “My Account” sub folder, there is a list of all email addresses that are currently on file.  You can makes changes through this box.  You will also be able to change which email address acts as the username.


Receive Text Messages – You can receive a text message from us in the case of a sudden practice or meet cancelation.  Click on the “Add SMS” button, and enter your phone number.  You will also be asked for your service provider.  You can set several numbers to receive these text messages, including your children’s phones.


Edit Swimmer’s Profile – At the bottom of the page, you can edit your swimmer’s information.  You should be able to see all of your registered children.  Click on your swimmers name to edit details.  Please make sure that the information in the athlete profile is correct.  There is even a function that you can upload a picture of your swimmer.  Some details like DOB can only be edited from my end, so please let me know if you need help.


Please make sure to save any changes you make.


RSVP for Meets – There are two ways to RSVP for a swim meet:

·         At the bottom right of the Home Page is a list of all of our meets.  Click on the meet name or “Attend This Event” and it will bring you to a new page that will ask you to RSVP.  This page will also have additional information about the meet.

·         At the top of the page, click on the “Events” tab.  This will bring you to a list of all of the meets.  Click on the “Attend/Decline” button.


Parents who have more than one swimmer on the team will be able to RSVP them individually.  On the individual RSVP page there is a text box that you can use to send me a quick message.  You can use this text box to let me know if your swimmer is coming late or leaving early.  I will use this information when creating the lineups and relays.


RSVP Deadline – The deadline for RSVPing for a meet is at 11:59pm on the Wednesday before each meet.  The website will not let you RSVP past the deadline.  You can RSVP for any meet and time between now and the deadline.  The site will automatically send a reminder RSVP email one week prior to the deadline.  You can use the link in the website to access your account directly.  You will also be able to edit your RSVP up until the deadline.


Online Times Database – Part of the website includes an online database of times.  You can use this to look up your swimmer’s times from any meet.  To access the times, click on “My Account” on left side of the page.  Then click on the “My Meet Results” sub-folder.  You will be able to access all of the times and you can narrow your search with each swimmer by stroke and when the time was swum.  The database goes back a couple of years.


Team Records – To view the team records click on the “Team Records” Tab.  In order to view the records you must select “Weston Red Waves” from the “Pick a Record” drop down menu.  You can access all the records at once or search by gender, stroke or distance.


Check Practice Times – You can check the weekly practice schedule under the “Swim Groups” tab.


Directions to Meets – Directions to away meets can be found under the “Meet Directions” tab.  This will be updated throughout the season.  I will also send out reminder emails with directions to each location.