Instructions: Accessing Online Times Database

Hi everyone,


This email details how to access the online time database on our team website:  Each family can access times for their own swimmer, but will not be able to see the results for other swimmers.  When you access the database you will can access all meet results since the 2008-09 Season.  You will be able to sort this information by meet, stroke and distance.


After logging into your account, click on “My Account” from the left hand column.  Choose “My Meet Results” from the choices that appear.  First, select a member that you would like to view.  You will only be able to see active swimmers that are in your account.  To view all results click on the “Search” button that is towards the top right side of the page.


Unfortunately, the way the website is set up, if a swimmer is disqualified or does not swim in an event, the swim does not show in the results.  In some cases, a swimmer may find no results if they were disqualified in all of their events.


You can sort the results by stroke or distance by entering which information you would like to see in the appropriate boxes.  You can sort by a specific meet by entering the date of swim in the appropriate box.