Instructions: How to Read pdf Meet Results Files

Hi parents,


After each swim meet I send out an email that contains a pdf of the Meet results.  Here are some instructions on how to read the meet results:


The meet results only include our team’s performances.  All of the results are organized by event number.  The Medley Relays are first, followed by the Butterfly, Freestyle, IM, Breaststroke, Backstroke and the Free Relays.  The easiest way to find your swimmer’s results is to use the Search function.  This can be found under the “Edit” menu or you can click Ctrl + F (this may be different on Macs, tablets or smart phones).  Just type in your swimmers name and it will take you to each result.


Once you have found your swimmer you will be able to see their time to the left of their name.  The “Y” that is next to the time indicates that the race was swim in yards; all races for our league will be in yards.  The “F” immediately to the left of the name is essentially a useless piece of information, you can ignore it.  


On the right side of the page there are three columns: Place, Points and Improv. 

·         The Place indicates the overall placing at the meet.  The numbers that are missing from the sequence indicate that a Belmont swimmer took that place.  If there is a dash in this column it means that the swimmer was disqualified (DQ) or did not swim (NS).  Those two symbols will also appear to the left of the name in the case of a disqualification or a non-swim.

·         The points indicate how many points the swimmer was awarded for their swim.  Swimmers are awarded points up to fifth place in an individual event.  First place earns 6 points, second place earns 4 points, third earns 3, fourth earns 2 and fifth place earns 1 point.  If there is a dash in this column it means that the swimmer did not place in the top five and thus did not receive points.

The points earned for relays are: first place earns 7 and second place earns 4 points.  There are no points awarded for third place.  At the end of the year we tally how many points each swimmer has earned throughout the season.  Points earned from relays are divided by four and added to the points earned from individual events.

·         The improvement (Improv) column indicates if a swimmer has improved upon their best time from the season.  A negative number indicates an improvement.  A positive number indicates that a swimmer missed their best time by X amount of time.  A dash in this column indicates that the swimmer had yet to swim that event this year and thus there is no time for comparison.  As we get deeper into the season, there will be less and less of these dashes.


Also, each time I send out the results for a meet, I update our online times database (  The instructions on how to access the times database are listed on the website.  Be sure to log into your account when trying to access the times database.  To find these instructions click on the “News” tab at the top of the page.  Locate and click on the “Accessing Online Times Database” link.