RUSH Guest Swimmer!
During the week of December 3rd-7th RUSH had a special guest swimmer named Andy Grant. He contacted us by doing a random search on the USA Swimming website as hewas in town on business. Andy swam everyday during our pre-national swim group and the Gold group. He was an amazing inspiration for our swimmers and a fantastic example of how to combine hard work and fun. Andy even came to both dryland sessions and the coolest part was that he took part in ALL the dryland activities (Wall Walks, Bear Crawls and Lunges around the pool).
Andy explained to us that he began swimming as a Summer Leaguer and did not start year-round swimming until High School. After dedicating his time to swimming he began to drop times dramatically. He did so well in High School that he was able to swim at Stanford University and ended up swimming at 3 different Olympic Trials. He was a member of the USASwimming Team at the Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2007.Who knows maybe we will see Andy in the upcoming Olympic Trials, 2016.
The best part about Andy’s visit was how humble and cool he is. It was not until the end of the first night when he mentioned to us about his wife and that she is a swimmer. When we asked him more about her to said I am married to Dana Vollmer, “YES” the current World Record holder in the 100m Butterfly and the Olympic Gold Medalistfor the 2012 London Olympics.
It was such a pleasure having Andy and getting to know him and we look forward to his visit with us again when his work brings him back to Austin. Andy is a true motivator and ALL our RUSH swimmers enjoyed his company, “THANKS AGAIN ANDY!” and Happy New Year.
If you would like to follow Andy and his wife here are some links for you: