Coaching Philosophy


I recently reviewed an article written by the former Head Coach of SSCD, and the past Chairman for Pacific Northwest Swimming, Lyle Campbell.The article discussed coaching philosophy. The coaching staff at SSCD continues to follow very similar coaching philosophies. -Patrick

The Coach is the Coach

We want your swimmer to relate to his or her coach as soon as possible concerning matters of the swimmer's ability to swim. This relationship between coach and swimmer produces the best results. When parents interfere with the opinions as to how the swimmer should swim, it causes considerable, and often times, insurmountable confusion as to which advice the swimmer should respect and listen concerning their swimming.

The Parent is the Parent

It is the coach’s job to constructively criticize the swimmers performance and training. It is the parent’s job to supply the love, recognition, and encouragement necessary to make the child work harder in practice, which in turn gives the swimmer confidence to perform well in competition.

Let the Coach, coach

When the coach is in the process of handling a meet, training, or is working in some capacity with the athletes, you should not interfere. This is not the time to bring up issues or your concerns to the coach. If you wish to speak with the coach, possibly meet after practice, or make an appointment.


Swimmers are often observed to reach a peak many times in the course of a swimming career.  This is referred to by coaches as plateaus. A swimmer seems to improve steadily for a period of time, then suddenly holds and possibly even declines, but with practice, patience, motivation, encouragement, rest periods, and more, the swimmer seems to bounce back when they are psychologically ready to do so.

Support our Serious Swimmers

SSCD intends to offer a program that provides the needs of all motivated club swimmers at their individual ability. Swimmers who reach top levels will require more coaching time, longer training hours and more financial support than the age group developmental swimmers. Beginning swimmers are not expected to endure the expectations of our elite and committed athletes. The team must support and take interest in our committed athletes. Without support from SSCD, the role models for our younger swimmers will disappear.