Beginner Groups!

Here are the beginner groups.  If a time/group doesn't work please let us know and we will try to accommodate you.  Practice begin this Monday, June 3rd at the Outdoor Pool.          


                    Beginner A   10:30 - 11:15

Owen Beard                                       Reese Wagner

Julia DelFavero                                  Robert Hoffman

Spencer Durham                               Alivia Good

Jack Flanagan                                    Sophie Good

Ben Nagel                                            Ava Good

Hannah Nagel                                    Collin Speiser

Kendall Dietrich                                  Landon Speiser

Meghan Dietrich                             


                             Beginner B    11:15 - Noon

Alex Birkhold                                     Ross Niekamp

Claire Birkhold                                  Alivia Retcher

Emily Birkhold                                   Alec Schaublin

Kora Burill                                           Ella Schaublin

Peyton Burill                                       Angelo Silva

Kane Hartson                                    Ty Sonnenberg

Zane Hartson                                     Regina Werner

Ben Liechty                                         Calista Werner

Maxwell Thompson