March/April Newsletter
Alright team, it's that time again.. for an update!
            So far in my time here with Rush things have been steadily improving, and I've heard the same viewpoint from both the parents and kids I've gotten the chance to talk to. Sam and I have been working to devise and implement a new training system and schedule for the team, working top-down from the pre-national group, all the way to the budding young athletes in bronze group.
            The idea we're working behind as Spring begins is to have a consistent weekly program for the swimmers, so that the kids know what is coming (generally) each practice, and if they can only make a limited number of practices, then they know which days to try and make it so that weaknesses can be addressed to achieve the highest rate of development and growth. Put simply, Mondays are probably the most important day for any group other than Bronze. Mondays are the day that a cardio "base" will be established, giving the swimmers the endurance necessary to compete in longer races and complete harder, faster sets without tiring mentally.
            Enough about training. The biggest point of celebration in the upcoming month or two is the addition of blocks to the pool! This means our swimmers can conquer their fear heights and learn to dive properly from a whopping 2-3 feet above the water! Sam and I don't have the schedule for installation yet.  
            With these new changes coming for the kids, Sam and I are excited to see what we can do with the team in long course and can't wait to start building the team up. Thanks again for letting me join in as a part of this program. I'll see y'all on the pool deck! 
-Coach Kyle