Hi Everyone,

What a busy, great day at Camp SOAR. Our volunteers did an awesome job today with the campers! Today we had the older of the younger kids The campers today were sixteen years of age to twenty-one years of age. Tomorrow will be the youngest campers at the camp ages twelve to fifteen.

Camp SOAR started 14 years ago and there were 14 volunteers and 35 campers. This year there are 360 campers and 400 volunteers! The day for campers and volunteers begins at 8:30am and ends at 3:30pm. The day is filled with activities like tennis, aerobics, Bocci Ball, Yoga, Strength and conditioning, arts, crafts, computer, bowling, and of course swimming!

Everyone did a great job and there were many friendships forged today between camper and pool pal and amongst the pool pals themselves. Mecklenburg Swim Association swimmers came together to be an incredible volunteer force.  We bring high energy, friendly faces, and kindness.  We are also the recipients of kindness, smiles and love.