NE Swimming Partners


Josh Zimmt (ABF) set a new Open NE 200 breast record with a time of 2:19.14. His time broke the mark of 2:19.73 set by Nick D'Innocenzo (MAG) in 2008!

Congratulations to Anthony Minickiello (KYD) who broke the NE and RES records in the 11-12 100 fly. His time of 1:02.50 broke the records of 1:03.28 set by Shane Raymond (CCSC) in 1991. In the 800 free, Anthony (KYD) swam a time of 9:10.04 breaking the NE and RES 11-12 records of 9:16.57 set by Max Miranda in 2012!!

Max Miranda (ABF) took down the 13-14 100 fly NE and RES records. His time of 57.85 in the fly breaks his previous records of 58.66 and 58.00 set earlier this year. In the 400 IM his prelim time of 4:43.26  broke his previous record of 4:45.21 set last year. At finals he broke his own NE and RES records with a 4:39.01 and then in a time trial he shattered them both again with a 4:34.50!! Max also broke the 13-14 NE 200 free record in prelims with a 1:56.28 breaking the record of 1:58.19 set by Ian Crocker (PPSC) in 1997. At finals, he broke his own NE 13-14 record from prelims and Liam Egan's (CRIM) RES record of 1:56.17 with a 1:54.54! He broke his own 13-14 record in the 200 IM with a new time of 2:11.83 and then at finals he broke it again with a 2:11.20! Max broke his own NE and RES records in the 200 fly with a 2:03.39! Finally, he led off his 400 free relay with a new 13-14 RES record in the 100 free with a time of 54.44.

Calvin Yang (CRIM) broke the NE and RES 13-14 10 breast record. His time of 1:08.22 broke the records of 1:09.97 set by Kevin Donohue (OSS) in 2000 and at finals he broke them both again with a 1:07.44! In the 200 breast, his time of 2:27.10 in the pre-lims broke PJ Sullivan's (ABF) NE record of 2:29.83 and RES record of 2:28.51 both set in 2000! Calvin then went on to break both 200 breast records in the finals by swimming a 2:26.04!

Brooke Zeiger (UN)set a new NE record in the 15-18 400 IM. Her time of 4:54.25 breaks the record of 4:54.30 set by Maggie D'Innocenzo (CRIM) last year. In finals she swam a 4:50.74 in the 400 IM breaking her own 15-18 record she set in prelims and breaking her sister, Elizabeth Zeiger's Open record of 4:53.28 set in 2012. She also broke her own 15-18 NE 200 IM record from 2012 with a new time of 2:18.18 and she broke Eva Fabian's NE 15-18 and Open records of 4:17.45 in the 400 free with a new time of 4:17.44.Finally, Brooke broke Laura Moriarty (MAG)'s 15-18 200 breast record of 2:36.89 with a time of 2:36.84.
Jack Blyzinskyj (BGSC) broke the Open 100 back record. His time of 57.07 broke the previous record of 57.12 set byLuca Spinazzola (ABF) in 2012! At finals, Ryan Harty (GMSC) followed, breaking the Open NE 100 back record Jack set in prelims and the 15-18 record of 57.16 set by David Russell (CUDA) in 2005 with a new time of 56.74!
Hannah Cox (UVAC) swam a 2:02.75 in the 200 free breaking her own Open and 15-18 NE records of 2:03.86 set last year!

Connor Green (ABF) set a new NE record in the 15-18 200 IM. His time of 2:05.88 broke the record of 2:06.05 set by Nick D'Innocenzo (MAG) in 2008. He also broke his own 15-18 and Open NE 200 back records of 2:01.52 with a new time of 1:59.76!

Jarrett Jones (CCSC)set his first NE Records with a time of 4:28.56 in the 400 IM. This time broke the 15-18 NE record of 4:33.53 set by Ray Carey (BGSC) in 1989, and the Open record of 4:28.61 set by Christian Carbone (CRIM) last year.
Izzy Reis (SSA) broke the 15-18 NE record in the 200 fly with a 2:14.64. This swim broke the record of 2:15.48 set by Rachel Moore (CRIM) in 2012.
The CRIM 15-18 boys 800 free relay of Anthony Marcantonio, Quinn Egan, Robert Owen and Liam Eganbroke the NE record of 7:52.57 held by the ABF team of Pat Myers, Colby Dunn, Luca Spinazzola and Jeffrey Thomas with a new time of 7:46.12!

The CRIM Boys 15-18 400 free relay of Anthony Marcantonio, Robert Owen, Joel Sibley and Liam Egan broke the NE record with a time of 3:33.84. This breaks the record of 3:34.39 set by the 2013 BGSC relay of Matt Hrabchak, C. Bastianelli, Harrison Haines and Jack Blyzinskyj.
Finally to end the meet, the PHX 15-18 boys 400 medley relay of Joe Turk, Brian Poon, James Allen and Jason Jung swam a time of 3:57.25 breaking the record of 4:00.17 set by the MAG relay of B. Falk, P.Sullivan, C. Swanson and M. Christian in 2004!