2014-15 Returning Swimmer Registration

Registration for the 2014-2015 MSA Short Course Season is now open for current MSA swimmers until August 6th. At that time, registration will be closed for returning swimmers until after tryouts, and you will not be guaranteed a spot with the team.  Please register your swimmer in the group they swam in at the end of last season. Some changes to groups may be made by the coaches. If this affects your swimmer, you will be notified. Please check all swimmer information and update if needed.

Payment of USA and MSA Registration Fees only are due at this time. This payment is a one-time credit card charge. If paying by check, registration will not be accepted until payment is received by the treasurer.

If your account is set up for auto payment, please check and update all credit card information. For those who do not have the auto payment option but would like to set up, registering your swimmer does not activate this option. To sign up for automatic payment of all fees, such as your Monthly and Meet Fees, you will find a separate link on the MSA home page, labeled “Auto Pay” under the “My Account” tab on left side of page.

Like last year, we are asking that if your high school swimmer wishes to swim with MSA after the high school season, that you commit now and sign them up as a high school swimmer. They will be expected to attend practice in December after the high school season, rather than waiting until January, even if they don’t wish to practice Saturdays and holidays during High school swim. This will keep out of shape athletes from disrupting the training as we approach our championships in February.  Regular practice attendance after the high school season will be expected.  After the season begins, we will not be accepting any registrations until after the Southeastern Championship in February.

If you do not know if your swimmer will make the high school team, register him/her in the group he/she was in last year, and we will make the necessary adjustments after high school tryouts.

We are looking forward to another great season!