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Team earns 2nd place at River Country Championships

Congratulations to the Quincy YMCA Dolphin swim team on their 2nd place finish overall at the River Country Championships.  The girls took first-place overall and the boys notched a second-place finish.  ALL 42 of our swimmers that participated in the meet earned points for the team, along with ALL of our relays!  This was a terrific group effort, and the coaches are incredibly proud of the hard work the kids put into swimming this season.

Team Points for the top 5 included:

1. CanOka 2192

2. QFY Dolphins 2061

3. Pike County 1937

4. Hamilton 1325

5. Sheridan 996

Individual high-point awards were given to the top three swimmers in each category.  Dolphins that earned these awards included:

7-8 Girls:  1. Madison Gorrell
7-8 Boys:  1. Tyler Frazier
9-10 Girls:  1. Emilee Gorrell
9-10 Boys:  2. Kyle Frazier
11-12 Girls:  1. Lauren Frazier    3. Drew Tushaus
11-12 Boys:  1. Evan Ren    2. Leo Lin
13-14 Girls:  1. Laken Hugenberg    2. Kendall Marks   3. Savannah Howerton
15-18 Girls:  1. Hannah Marks

River Country Championship records only date back to 2011, but our team did break more of these this weekend too.  Those records included:

11-12 Girls 50 yd Back:  Drew Tushaus
13-14 Girls 50 yd Back:  Kendall Marks
11-12 Girls 100 yd Free:  Lauren Frazier
11-12 Boys 100 yd Free:  Evan Ren
13-14 Girls 100 yd Free:  Laken Hugenberg
13-14 Girls 50 yd Breast:  Laken Hugenberg
15-18 Girls 50 yd Breast:  Hannah Marks
11-12 Girls 50 yd Butterfly:  Lauren Frazier
13-14 Girls 50 yd Butterfly:  Kendall Marks
11-12 Boys 50 yd Free:  Evan Ren
13-14 Girls 50 yd Free:  Laken Hugenberg
9-10 Boys 100 yd IM:  Kyle Frazier
13-14 Girls 100 yd IM:  Laken Hugenberg
15-18 Girls 100 yd IM:  Hannah Marks
11-12 Mixed 200 yd Medley Relay:  Drew Tushaus, David Liu, Lauren Frazier, Evan Ren

It was an excellent weekend for the team!