2014 Nationals


Saturday's individual races went:

Youth Boys 11 yrs old:
Kai 8th place (only .68 of a second from 6th!)
Kaiden 43rd place (incredibly well paced and competitive!)

Youth Elite Girls
Heloise 21st
Olivia 25th
Veronika 27th
Leslie 37th

Junior Elite Girls
Jessie 17th
Heather 51st
(Rachel Mann finished 23rd)

Youth Elite Boys
Carson 45th
Jared 46th

Sunday Relay

Heloise and Jessie's relay finished 19th
Veronika, Carson, Olivia and Jared's relay finished 36th
Leslie and Heather's relay finished 37th

Overall, I was very pleased with the effort and competitiveness the athletes displayed. Every year, this race gets more and more competitive. It used to be that any kid could do the Youth Elite race it seemed, but now the competitive level is just so high, it requires a commitment level that is high as well. 

Thanks again to the assistant coaches who have helped prepare the athletes, (Bobbie, Jason, Ryan and Leslie). I certainly couldn't do it without them.