World Lifesaving Sport Championships

From Mackenzie Salmon in Montpellier France

The World Lifesaving Championships to be held in Montpellier, France, from Sept. 14 to 28 this includes Canadian delegation of approximately 200 people, among them lifesaving athletes, technical officials and delegates to meetings of the International Lifesaving Federation (ILS) that are held in conjunction with Rescue 2014.
The Canadian national team members who will be competing from Sept. 16-21 include our National open team of James Verreault (Ont.), Brent Trevisan (Ont.), William Walters (B.C.), Eric Trevisan (Ont.), Dieter Kreps (Ont.), Mackenzie Salmon (Ont.), Chantique Payne (Ont.), Margot Cunningham (Ont.), Emily Verreault (Ont.), Audrey Prayal-Brown (Ont.), Alexandra Ferguson (Ont.), Carolyn Godon (Ont.); and, our National youth (15-18) team of Jack Kearl (Alta.), Dan Wilsdon (Ont.), Teran Hancock (Alta.), Dakota Birkenheier (Ont.), Marc-Olivier Caron (Que.), Matthew Peterson (Alta.), Shannon Hilland (Alta.), Jenna Kutash (Alta.), Haylie Burton (Ont.), Cassandra (Cassie) Peek (Alta.), Kendra Freund (Ont.) and Madison Ashton (Ont.).
The team will be supported by coaches Don Burton (Ont.) and Anita Chevalier (B.C.), managers Shanna Reid (Ont.), Laura Tracey (Ont.) and Pat McGrath (N.S.), along with chef de mission Martin Leprohon (Que.) and communications liaison Hugo Rodrigues (Ont.).
The World Lifesaving Championships are sanctioned by the International Life Saving Federation (ILS). The Canadian Teams will be competing against 63 different nations in pool and surf events. Lifesaving sport is a unique combination of competitive swimming, simulated rescue drills, use of rescue equipment, and performing manikin rescues. Lifesaving sport is designed to test the athlete’s speed, endurance, agility, co-ordination and strength in pool, beach and surf venues. Lifesaving sport is the only sport that has been developed based on humanitarian principles. The Lifesaving Society– Canada’s lifeguarding expert – is the national sport organization (NSO) for lifesaving sport in Canada and is recognized by the International Olympic Committee and the Commonwealth Games Federation.

While the championships are underway, daily updates on Canadian performances will be posted Photogalleries will be posted to the sport commission’s Facebook page Select news will also be published on Twitter via @lifesavingsport and the #Rescue2014CAN hashtag. Also for more information on the Rescue 2014 World Lifesaving Championships see the official website at