Swim Meet - Attend/Decline Process

Swim Meet - Attend/Decline Process

All declarations for attending or declining a swim meet will close on the Wednesday, 2 weeks prior to the actual date of the meet.  We will send out email reminders prior to the close of the deadlines for all meets.

Please take note of the following process for declaring your intent to swim in a meet:

1.        We will auto-enroll your swimmer for swim meets that he/she qualifies for unless you have heard otherwise from our coaching staff.  It is up to YOU to let us know if your child cannot compete or can only compete on certain days.  You can do this by logging into your account and manually entering this information before the deadline.  We will announce the deadline for every meet and give you plenty of time to decline a swim meet.  Once that deadline has passed, our coaches will enter your child based on parameters and you will be responsible for meet entry fees. NO EXCEPTIONS!

2.        To opt out or amend the day(s) you will be attending a meet go to the following website; http://www.gatorsswimclub.com/Home.jsp?_tabid_=0&team=scsngg

I.             In the middle of the home page you will see the “Swim Meets” tab that lists the upcoming meets that the team will be attending. On the right side, you will see a button labeled “Attend/Decline” if you are not logged into your Team Unify account or you will see “Edit Commitment” if you are logged into your account.  If you want to decline swim meet attendance or to make a change to the days, click this button. You will be asked to log in to your account and then you will see the name of your child.  Click on the swimmer’s name.

II.            If you want to attend both days of the swim meet, then leave the “Yes, please sign [swimmer] up for the event” box selected and click Save Changes. You can decline the meet if unable to attend by selecting “No, thanks, [swimmer] will NOT be attending the event” and click Save Changes.  If you want to only attend one day, then leave the “Yes, please sign [swimmer] up for the event” selected, and make a note in the box below as to the day you want to attend. Example, “We can only swim on Saturday.” Make sure to click Save Changes.  Otherwise, if there are no notes, we will assume you can attend all days of the swim meet.

3.        Once you have opted your child to attend the meet, the swimmer’s coach will be responsible for completing the meet entries and choosing the races for each swimmer.  After the coach has completed the entries,  you will be able to log back into your Team Unify Account and see which races your child has been entered in.

4.        Your Team Unify account will automatically be charged the swim meet entry fees once all entries are submitted to the meet admin.  A credit card will need to be saved to each account to process the meet entry fees. Most races will cost approximately $3.00-$3.50 and there is a meet surcharge between $7 and $10 assessed as well. 

5.        A few days before the swim meet, our coaching staff will send out meet information and a timeline in PDF format.  This will include pool address, arrival times, what to bring, what to expect and any volunteer timing shifts your family might have. Please realize that if you sign your child up to compete, you will also have a volunteer timing shift at the meet during the session in which you swim (Morning or Afternoon session).  You will not be required to time in sessions you are not competing.