Saturday morning breakfast for seniors, senior development

KMSC families with Senior & Senior development swimmers:

Saturday practices are quickly approaching as the coaches move into a full practice schedule. The first Saturday is scheduled for Oct. 4.

Many parents would like to continue the tradition of offering breakfast or snacks after the Saturday morning workouts. We believe this is an opportunity to build a stronger team bond, give our kids a social outlet after practice, and also recognize that our swimmers' appetites are raging after a hard Saturday morning practice. They need to refuel!

However, we want to be sure we are not placing the burden on just a couple of families to provide food. Therefore, we are asking that swimmers who regularly participate in either senior or senior development practices on Saturdays pitch in $10 for the season. They can bring it Oct. 4. (If you are not at practice Oct. 4, you can bring your donation next time.)

This will establish our "Breakfast Club Fund" and will only be used to purchase food/snacks for these practice groups.

Here is the breakfast schedule through December, based on the current meet schedule:

  • Oct. 4: Snacks
  • Oct. 25: Snacks
  • Nov. 1: Snacks
  • Nov. 8: Pancakes
  • Nov. 22: Snacks
  • Nov. 29: Snacks
  • Dec. 13: Pancakes
  • Dec. 27: Snacks

Finally, if you'd like to help flip pancakes, shop for snacks, or just help in general, please contact Sue Ann Forbat at [email protected]. You are always to drop into practice and lend a helping hand, as well.

Thank you!