Getting to know the TIBU Website!

Getting to know the TIBU website and what it can do for YOU!

THE TIBU website offers many features for our users. Here are some tips to help you get familiar with how to use them!



MY Account

* Setup Auto Pay- set up your personal account with a credit card so that monthly payments, meet fees, etc. can be automatically withdrawn on the first of each month.

* My Account- make changes to your address, email, setup SMS (text messaging).

  Setting up SMS:

  Add a Cell Number for breaking text message alerts!! Follow the steps below to get text message alerts from      TIBU. 

  • Sign in and go to My Account
  • You will see a screen at the top of the page to the right of this are two button, select Add SMS 
  • A new pop up screen will appear and allow you to enter in the Cell Number and Cell Carrier, fill in and hit the Send button
  • A pop up will notify you that a text has been sent to the cell number for verification
  • The account will need to enter in the verification number that was texted to the phone for that number to be activated for use. 

* My Meet Results- see times for your swimmer

* $My Invoice/Payment- your financial account


Team Apparel-

* TIBU team apparel- left side, just under sign in. Sweatshirts, pants, shorts, etc. available

* Magnets and Silicone TIBU caps- email Beth


TABS ON OUR WEBSITE- located at the top of the website

News: Click on the News tab to see each Weekly Update email. Scroll down for information on:

* About TIBU- learn all about how TIBU got started

* Classic TIBU Gear- classic tshirts available for $10- email Beth 


Meets/Events: Click on the Meets/Events tab to see sign-up information for meets and activities. Scroll down for information on:

* Meet Schedule- the tentative list of meets TIBU is planning on attending. Meets listed in blue are qualifying meets.

* Meet Entries- information on meets

* Swim Meet Guide- What to Expect when you’re Winter Swimming: information on meet fees, meet calendar, entering a meet, and what to expect at the meet.

 * IMX meet Guidelines- specific information for the IMX meet

* Meet Results- results from meets

* Glossery- frequently used swim terms.


Schedules: Click on the Schedules tab to see a list of all program- click directly on the program to see that practice schedule. Scroll down for information on the following:

* Alternative Practice schedules

* Practice Schedules by group

* Tentative Calendar to see the full TIBU calendar- note: all dates, times, locations, etc. are subject to change


Policies: Scroll down for information on:

Find the TIBU parent handbook and policies on swimmer behavior, withdrawal, inclement weather, and team gear.


TIBU Boosters: Click on the TIBU Boosters tab to find information about the Booster mission, list of board members and Booster Scholarship winners. Scroll down for information on:

* Booster Calendar- a tentative list of dates for activities and fundraisers

* Scrip Program- information on the Booster Scrip fundraising program


Locations: Click on the locations tab to see a list of addresses and maps for the different pools we use.



Coaches- a list of TIBU coaches, their bios and contact information.

Members- search for any member of the TIBU team. Search by name, or roster group!

Team Store- to order suits, fins, and other equipment