Weekly Bulletin 10/8/14

Weekly Bulletin 10/8/14

1-Our barbell class will begin THIS SUNDAY!  10/12.  Swimmers who swim at 6pm will workout at 5pm.  Those who swim at 6:30 workout at 5:30.  Parents who are wellness members may join in with either group.  Since there will not be barbell on Sundays for the following two weeks there are classes on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6:40 and for the those who can make it, at 9:30am. Barbell classes are held in the multi-purpose room, not the fitness center.

2-We are still making adjustments to the practice groups.  I have had some parents who have told me that the group was too difficult.  If your child is complaining at this point they really do need to be moved.  Please let me know as we do not want kids to not want to come.

3-I want to emphasize as the season progresses the importance of good nutrition the entire swim season, not just the infamous pre-meet meals.  A few good questions to ask:

1-Are they drinking 8 8oz glasses of water each day:

2-Are they eating 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables daily?

3-are they getting 3-4 high qualiy servings of lean protein each day?

4-are they getting enough healthy fats (yes, these are important too) such as nuts, seeds, cold water fish and healthy oils?

5-And the very important complex carbs which are whole grain breads and cereals, brown rice, sweet potatoes, pastas?

Unless you can answer yes to them all they need to start thinking about their diet.  I will be talking with the kids on nutrition next week.  Help me out parents when shopping to have some good fuel for them to have.  It is the daily training which requires good food to sustain them and help them get the most out of every workout.  They can't perform if the tank is empty

4-The Boo will be posted today.  I will include relays.  We are only allowed two relays so I could not get everyone in a relay but I did the best I could in making them competitive and trying to have many participate.

5-The Girls team will be divided and posted the week following the Boo. We are trying to keep families together as much as possible so YES, there will be girls on the Jefferson team who are faster than some on the Washington team.  It doesn't matter which team you are on.  There is good competion in both leagues and we want to give everyone a chance to compete live, not just always exhibition.


7-Sign up for jobs for the dual meets is posted on line.  I realize the girls team cannot do this yet but boys parents can begin signing up.  The schedule is also posted as well.

8-BAG CHECKS...........still having so many things lost and left. PLEASE have them check daily.

9-The YMCA's annual fundraising campaign is underway.  If you could consider a donation it would be a great help.  You can do this if you donate at work to the United Way by designation your donation to go to the Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA.  You might even be able to designate it to go to the Boyertown Center.  I will check on this if you are interested in doing this.