Did you know

Did you know that approximately 15% of FAST’s revenue comes from hosting meets?  

That means if we didn’t host meets, you’re fees would have to increase by 15%.  Furthermore, if FAST didn’t host meets, families would have to make more trips to Phoenix if we wanted our kids to race, and such trips have the potential to be quite expensive. 
Did you know it takes dozens of volunteers to host a meet?  

There are the meet director and head official who ensure we meet USA Swimming’s guidelines and who advertise the meet via several media.  They also orchestrate the many people and processes throughout meet execution and meet director ensures money and information flow to the right places.  

There are also referees, starters and stroke & turn officials who run the meet.  

There are administrative officials and timing system operators who ensure times are displayed during the meet and captured for the record books.  

There are meet runners who post official times and administrative volunteers who run signup tables and who ensure swimmers entitled to ribbons receive them.  

There are meet marshals who ensure the safety of our children, and there are timers who operate the stopwatches and timing systems for each lane.  

There is an announcer to keep everyone apprised of the meet status.  Finally, but very importantly, there are hospitality workers who ensure this small army can focus on executing the meet for the multi-hour sessions into which meets are divided.  

For small meets, that amounts to 43 people volunteering their services.  For the big state meets, when we’re effectively running two pools, that adds up to 108 people!

FAST operates only through the hard work of many, many volunteers .   Please make sure you attend the annual members’ meeting to see where you best fit.  


This year, the annual meeting of members will take place on  Wednesday, November 5th, at 7pm  in the  El Conquistador Sunset Room  (which is located upstairs near the restaurant).