AMS Officials Uniform Policy Adopted

At the last meeting of the AMS Officials Committee a formal AMS Uniform Policy was adopted, effectively immediately.

The following AMS Official’s dress code has been developed so that all officials can dress in a neat and consistent manner and thus convey a professional appearance. Attire should be such that it does not draw attention to the official – no short shorts, no short skirts, and no revealing shirts/blouses. The attire is worn by wet-deck and dry-deck officials alike. Officials must have their current registration cards at all times while working meet sessions. Deck Pass will satisfy this requirement. In lieu of displaying credentials, AMS Officials will wear the host clubs’ provided wrist band allowing them on deck.

Shirt: The shirt worn shall be plain white, with a collar, and long or short sleeve.

Female officials may wear sleeveless collared shirts. Logos may appear on the shirt, however, the logo shall be restricted to the front of the shirt, and the sleeve area.

The logos may not contain, or represent the following: alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, AMS or other USAS LSC member team names or logos, or suggestive/offensive messages. A Meet Shirt provided by or purchased through USA Swimming or Allegheny Mountain Swimming is acceptable. The shirt should be tucked in to the pants, shorts, or skirts, at all times while on deck.

Shorts/Pants/Skirts: These items shall be navy blue in color. Cutoffs of any type are not allowed. Jeans/denim are not appropriate attire for officials on the deck.

Socks: Socks, if worn, should be plain white. Manufacturer’s logos should be subdued.

Footwear: Athletic shoes are preferred. If they are worn, they should be as white as possible, with little or no color and avoiding to the extent possible bold and brightly colored logos and stripes. Closed toe sandals are also acceptable; however, it is recommended that any closed toe sandals worn should have a heel strap to assist in keeping the sandal securely on the foot. Open toe shoes/sandals are not permitted.

Hats: Hats are permitted at outdoor meets only.