Important 1st Practice Reminders: Facility Entrance/Exit Policies & Procedures

Please be sure to read through the following Extrance/Exit Policies & Procedures for each of our NAC Practice Locations...

Facility Entry/Exit Policies

Please use only the doors designated for entrance and exit at each facility as listed below:


Centennial Sportsplex

Enter/exit the front lobby doors as follows:

Monday-Thursday 6am-7pm, Friday 6am-6pm, and Saturday 12pm-4pm

Enter/exit the doors off 25th avenue as follows:

Monday-Thursday after 7pm, Friday after 6pm, and Saturday before 12pm


Athlete Pick Up and Drop Off Policy

Parents are welcome to stay and watch practice, drop off and run errands, etc. We have an open practice policy, but we do not require that you stay with your athletes during that time. For parents that drop off and pick up, we ask that you be prompt in picking up your athlete upon the completion of practice. Please note that by doing so, coaches are not responsible for the athletes before and after practice.

Please be aware that the coaching staff is required to lock up the Sportsplex facility upon the completion of the evening practices, and that Ensworth locks automatically 15 minutes following the last practice. If your swimmer is one of the last groups in the facility, we ask that you encourage them to shower and dress in a timely manner. The coaching staff at the Sportsplex cannot lock up until all swimmers and parents have exited the building. Please be mindful of this and be at the facility to pick up your swimmer within 15 minutes of the end of practice.


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