AGS, Divisional and Zone Recap

Whew! It's been a long and gratifying season, and I thought people may want to see how our State, Divisional and Zone swimmers performed over the last month or so.

Before we get down to the details, here is a message from Coach Paul
First of all I would like to say, congratulations to all the swimmers!! We had an awesome State meet!! 
We finished 11th overall. Every one of our swimmers had all best times. Special congratulations to Aaron Dies for being the state champ in both backstroke events. Jordan Koszyk had  a super state meet! She got second in the 100 Fly setting a new team record. She finished in the top 4 in all her events. Collin Fleming got on the awards podium twice. He had a great meet. Axel Brandenburg, Evan Dies, Lilly Christianson and Maddie Ziegert all got medals for individual swims.  Special thanks to all kids that made it down for relays: Caden Keller, Liv Elston, Blake Trowbridge and Lauryn Trowbridge. Kyle Brothers, Alex Fleming, and Joel Cummins swam great on individual races & did awesome on the relays. 

I was very proud of this team.

I had many coaches come up to me and say how great our kids looked in the water. It was a great swim meet, great experience for all the swimmers, and a super finish to our long-course season!  

Also congratulations to our swimmers that went to Divisionals in Elkhart. We had a small group, but all best times. Avery Woods and Caden Keller were divisional champions. They both made the podium and received medals for every race they swam. We had Olivia Elston also get on the awards podium. Our 10  & unders had a great meet. Congratulations again to all our Divisional swimmers! 

CONGRATS to all of our Senior State swimmers! Chris Bals, Makenna Bottorff, Taylor Bush, Lea Cecil, Haley Ronci, Meagan Ronci and Casey Ziegart. We had many personal best times, along with making it to the top 32.  These kids worked really hard over the summer and had an exceptional meet.  

And now let's take a look at how well our swimmers performed over the past month!

State Swimmers:
Axel Brandenburg - Axel swam a personal best in the 100 Free and medaled with a 7th place finish in the 50 Free!

Kyle Brothers - Kyle swam a personal best time in the 50 Free, just missed out in the consolation finals of the 50 back and competed in both boys 11-12 relays (details below)

Lily Christianson - Lily swam a personal best in the 50 Free and dropped 6 seconds to earn an 8th place medal in the 100 Breast! She also contributed in the 9-10 200M medley relay (details below)

Joel Cummins - Joel swam a very fast 50M Free time of 31.71 to cap off his swim season!

Aaron Dies - Aaron was the State Champion in the 50 Back and 100 Back and medaled in all of his events with personal bests across the board! He competed in the 200 Back, 100 Breast, 100 Back, 200 IM, 50 Breast, 50 Back and both boys medal winning relays (details below)

Evan Dies - Evan swam personal bests across the board and competed in a ton of events (100 Free, 100 Breast, 100 Fly, 200 IM, 200 Breast, 200 Free. He earned trips to the podium by medaling 6th in the 100 Breast and 7th in the 200 Breast!

Liv Elston - Liv helped the 9-10 girls 200 Free relay team medal (details below)

Alex Fleming - Alex swam a great time of 48.51 in the 50 Breast and also competed on both boys 9-10 relays (details below)

Collin Fleming - Collin swam personal bests across all of his events (50 Breast, 100 Free, 50 Fly, 50 Free, 100 Breast and 50 Back). He also swam on both 9-10 boys relays (details below). Collin hit the podium by earning medals in the 50 Breast (7th), 50 Free (7th) and 50 Back (3rd)!

Caden Keller - Caden competed in both boys 9-10 relays (details below)

Jordan Koszyk - In addition to swimming the 100 Back and 200 IM well, Jordan had personal best across the board and medaled in the following events: 100 Free (4th), 50 Fly (5th), 50 Free (5th), 200 Free (3rd) and 100 Fly (2nd)! She also competed in both girls 9-10 relays (details below)

Blake Trowbridge - Blake swam in both of the boys 11-12 relays (details below)

Lauryn Trowbridge - Lauryn also competed in both of the 9-10 girls relays (details below)

Maddie Ziegert - Maddie also had personal best times in all of her events: 100 Free, 100 Back, 50 Free and 200 Free. She headed to the podium to collect medals in the 100 Free (7th) and in the 50 Free (4th).

Girls 9-10 Relays
200M Medley Relay - Kiah Farrington (Back), Lily Christianson (Breast), Jordan Koszyk (Fly) and Lauryn Trowbridge (Free) dropped 11.42 seconds and jumped up several spots to earn the 7th place spot on the podium. Great job ladies!
200 Free Relay - Kiah Farrington, Liv Elston, Jordan Koszyk and Lauryn Trowbridge dropped 8.60 seconds and again jumped up several spots and earned medals for 8th place. Yeah!

Boys 9-10 Relays
200 Free Relay - Caden Keller, Bo Brunner, Alex Fleming and Collin Fleming dropped almost two seconds from their qualifying time and just missed the podium. Excellent swims, boys!

Boys 11-12 Relays
200 Medley Relay - Kyle Brothers (Back), Aaron Dies (Breast), Jacob Daugherty (Fly) and Blake Trowbridge (Free) dropped three seconds flat to earn the 6th place spot on the podium!
200 Free Relay - Kyle Brothers, Jacob Daugherty, Aaron Dies and Blake Trowbridge dropped 1.5 seconds to again earn 6th place medals! Great job, gentlemen!

Divisional Swimmers:

Joel Cummins - Joel had personal bests and medaled in all of his Divisional events: 50 Back (4th), 100 Free (3rd), 50 Fly (2nd), 200 Free (7th), 100 Back (5th) and 100 Fly (5th)!

Liv Elston - Liv swam great and had personal best in three of her four events (50 Back, 100 Free, 50 Breast and 50 Free). She earned medals in the 50 Back (4th) and the 50 Free (8th)!

Alex Fleming - Alex swam personal bests in two of his three events (50 Back, 100 Free and 200 Free) and hit the podium with a 7th place finish in the 50 Back! 

Katie Huang - Katie cut 14 seconds (!) in her 100 Breast and just missed a personal best in her 50 Free!

Caden Keller - Caden had personal bests in all of his swims (100 Free, 50 Breast, 200 Free, 200 IM, 50 Fly and 50 Free) and was Divisional Champion in the 100 Free and 50 Free!

James Kempa - James medaled in all of his events while collecting many personal bests: 500 Free (3rd), 100 Free (2nd), 100 Fly (5th), 200 Free (2nd), 100 Breast (3rd), 50 Free (2nd)!

Logan Koszyk - Logan had personal bests in all of her divisional swims and also medaled in all of her events: 200 Free (5th), 100 Back (6th), 50 Free (5th)! 

Mitch Spangler - Mitch had personal bests across the board and medaled in three of his events:100 Free, 100 Fly (4th), 200 Free (8th), 200 Fly (1st), 50 Free. He was the Divisional Champion in the 200 Fly!

Grant VanParys - Grant had great swims and medaled in each of his events: 500 Free (2nd), 100 Fly (3rd), 200 Free (1st), 100 Breast (2nd), 50 Free (1st). Grant earned Divisional Champion in the 200 Free and 50 Free!

Troy Weber - Troy just missed personal bests in his 100 Free and 50 Free events!

Garrett Wolfram - Garrett dropped almost 10 seconds to score a personal best in his 100 Free!

Avery Woods - Avery also had personal bests across the board and medaled in each of her events: 50 Back (3rd), 100 Free (6th), 200 Free (5th), 200 IM (5th), 50 Fly (1st), 100 Back (4th). Congratulations on the 50 Fly Divisional Championship!


Collin Fleming - We had a handful of swimmers qualify for Zones, but Colin was our only swimmer to attend and he represented himself and Pro very well!  He swam personal best times in his two individual events (50 Breast and 50 Back) and helped our relay team earn the 8th place medal in the 200 Free Relay. He swam the Back leg of our 200 Medley Relay and brought home the 6th place medal. Great job, young man!

Junior Nationals

Finally, Chris Bals competed at the Junior National meet held in San Antonio, Texas the first part of August.  He achieved personal best times in his premier events - the 100 and 200 breaststroke.  He also competed in the   200 IM.  Chris is one of our Senior Group swimmers and competes for Purdue University where he is a sophmore this year pursuing an accounting degree.


Again, many thanks to our coaching staff, the Board, and to our swimmers and their families. You make Pro a great team and we appreciate all you do. Enjoy the little bit of free time you have before short course starts! :D