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Gaby Penvenne to swim for Denver University

Lifelong Puma Swimmer, Gaby Penvenne ,is officially off to Denver University to swim with the Division 1 Pioneers. Gaby is well known for her incredibly efficient and fast butterfly as well as her big anchor leg in relays. Gaby is a versatile swimmer and is proficient at a variety of strokes and distances.  She currently holds numerous Puma records and has been a part of the swimming scene on the Central Coast for the last 10 years. She contributed to the SLO HS swim team with mulitiple league top finishes and CIF appearances. We are sad to see her go but are so proud of all that she has accomplished.  Before she left, we were able to catch up with her for a few questions to benefit all aspiring swimmers on the Puma swim team.

Question: What was your favorite part of swim practice through the years?

Answer: I loved when we got to do relays in practice. I think that got me more excited about racing than anything else.  I also had so much fun with drafting drills.

Question: What are you most excited about in regards to swimming in College?

Answer: I'm most excited to not have to drive to practice anymore. I also can't wait to swim for a bigger team with more facilities and resources.

Question: What advice can you give for younger swimmers when things get tough in practice and/or meets?

Answer: I would say the most important thing is to try to remember why you're there. Once you've established in your head that you want to push through the tough days, take it one stroke at a time.

Question: What is something that swimming has taught you about yourself?

Answer: The biggest thing I've learned in the past couple of years is that I expect way too much of myself, and that I do better when I relax a little and have fun. I've also learned that I do not like to lose, even in practice...haha.

Question: How come you're not at practice right now?

Answer: I already swam today and I'm leaving early tomorrow morning for Denver....don't worry, I'm not slacking at all!

We wish you only the best Gaby!

The Puma Ohana!